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Looking for another good book? Check out one of these recent award winners!

YALSA names 2013 Great Graphic Novels for Teens:

  • “My Friend Dahmer,” Backderf, Derf
  • “Ultimate Comics Spider-man V. 1.” Bendis, Brian Michael and Sara Pichelli
  • “Trinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb,” Fetter-Vorm, Jonathan
  • “Friends with Boys,” Hicks, Faith Erin
  • “A Flight of Angels,” Kwitney, Alisa, Rebecca Guay and others
  • “Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller,” Lambert, Joseph
  • “The Silence of Our Friends,” Long, Mark, Nate Powell and others
  • “Stargazing Dog,” Murakami, Takashi
  • “Drama,” Telgemeier, Raina
  • “Daredevil V. 1.” Waid, Mark, Paolo Manuel Rivera and Marcos Martin

2015 Printz Award

The Michael L. Printz Award is an award for a book that exemplifies literary excellence in young adult literature.

printz“I’ll Give You the Sun,” by Jandy Nelson. Once inseparable, twins Noah and Jude are torn apart by a family tragedy that transforms their intense love for each other into intense anger. Timelines twist and turn around each other in beautifully orchestrated stories of love and longing.



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Teen Leadership Board members are now invited to review a current Young Adult Novel and have it published HERE on our website! Here comes another great review by Jenny Raglin…thanks again Jenny!


By Marissa Meyer

“Cinderella meets dystopia. Cinder is a cyborg whose parents died when she was young. The man who brought her into his family died years ago from the plague that rips through the futuristic city of New Beijing. Cinder lives with her two step sisters and her step mother, Adri, who forces her to work in the market place as a mechanic where she meets prince Kai. Later when her step sister comes down with the plague, Adri insists that it was Cinder’s fault and sends her to the palace to be used in the plague research. Soon Cinder starts to discover the secrets of the lunar people and the Queen who wants to make Prince Kai her King. Cinder plays an important role in this new plague filled world, and when she finds out what it is, everything will change.

I’m a huge fan of not only dystopia but of Cinderella, so I was more than excited to read Cinder. The addition of Cyborgs and future Beijing was a bonus. What could be better than a half robot mechanic who falls in love with a prince? Not to mention the whole colony of people living on the moon. Cinders character is easy to adore and even easier to feels sorry for, but her troubles and discoveries might just help this new world. Marissa Meyer is a wonderful writer with a great writing style. She is also extremely creative. I cannot wait for the second book in the Lunar Chronicles.” — Jenny Raglin, Hazel Park High School



By Lissa Price

“In Lissa Price’s novel, Starters, the term “Selling your body” is given a new meaning. As an unclaimed minor, Callie is forced to live her life eating scrapes, running from law enforcement, and living in abandoned buildings. Her parents were killed in the spore war that killed everyone except those who were vaccinated; the very young and the very old. Desperate to keep her and her sick brother living and out of the institutions, Callie decides to visit Prime Destinations. Prime is a place where starters can lend their bodies out to Enders, the oldest people of the post-war world, who want to feel young again. But as Callie soon finds out, her renter is using her for more than just a good time.
As a fan of ‘Dystopia’ novels, Starters, is right at the top of my list. Personally, I could not put the book down the moment I picked it up. It always kept me guessing and wondering, what would happen next. Callie’s story is hard to forget as her love for her brother and determination is admirable. You can’t help but cheer her on the whole way. I wound recommend Starters to anyone in search of a good book. The question inducing end leaves you dying for the sequel.” — Jenny Raglin, Hazel Park High School


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