Computer Usage Policy




Current Computer Policies

  • Computer access shall be made reasonable, fair, and equitable for all users.
  • Internet communication shall be considered private and confidentiality will be encouraged within the limits of a public environment, the technology, and the requirements of the law.
  • Violating Library guidelines and engaging in certain prohibited practices on the Internet may lead to the suspension or revocation of computer access through the Library.

  Guidelines for Responsible Use

It is expected that the users of the Internet:

  • Shall make authorized access to the Internet for educational and recreational purposes only.
  • Shall be aware that violations of these guidelines for responsible use may lead to the suspension or revocation of computer use throughout the Library.
  • Shall treat computers with care and respect.
  • Shall maintain a maximum of 1 person per computer.
  • Shall not yell, bang, engage in horseplay, eat, drink, use cell phones, etc. while near the computers
  • Shall avoid the sending, receiving, and viewing of text or graphics that may reasonably be construed as obscene or offensive or users shall be subject to losing their computer privileges.

Internet Offerings and Limitation

  • Computers are available for public use during regular library hours and will be shut down 10 minutes prior to closing time.
  • Because of the potential damage from illicit computer viruses, worms, etc. the downloading and/or installation of non-library owned software is prohibited
  • Absolutely NO bittorrents of any type will be used for downloading movies, books, music or any other media. Violating this rule will result in an instant lifetime ban.
  • No downloading of any type of copyright protected media is allowed in any circumstance.


  • Patrons under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian check the acceptance box for computer usage when child signs up for library card
  • A Michigan state driver’s license or state identification, passport, Hazel Park Library card or other shared system library card, or appropriate (similar) non-resident identification is required
  • Patrons under the age of 9 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian while using the computer.
  • Guest passes may be issued for computer use: 2 hour passes may be purchased for $2, for 15 minutes there is no charge.

  Printing and Fees

  • All printing must be completed by end of day as it will be deleted from print server each night.
  • Only library paper may be used in our printers.
  • Black and white copies are 15 cents per page.
  • Color prints can be requested from staff at the cost of .50 per page; limit 5 pages per day.

Loss of Computer Privileges

  • A first violation of computer use guidelines can result in suspension of computer privileges for one month.
  • A second violation of computer use guidelines results in a permanent suspension of computer privileges.
  • Suspension of computer privileges may be appealed to the Library Board of Directors at their next scheduled meeting.  The decision of this board is final.
  • ANY violation of downloading copyrighted media (i.e. movies, books, music via bittorrent software or otherwise) will result in immediate permanent revocation of computer privileges.
  • ANYONE caught tampering with or attempting to tamper with internet or computer security will result in immediate and permanent revocation of computer privileges.


Please note that the Library computers are filtered for adult content but the Hazel Park District Library cannot be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of stored or transmitted e-mail messages or any other interactive use of the Library’s computers.  The availability of information via the Library’s network connection does not constitute an endorsement of that information by the Hazel Park District Library, nor is the Library responsible for the content, quality, accuracy, currency, or fitness for any specific use of information available via the Internet.  All users of Library computer terminals agree to hold the Library harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, obligations, or liabilities, directly or indirectly relating to this service and/or the networked information available via this service, caused thereby or for indirect, special, punitive, or consequential, damages or any liability to any third party, even if the Library is so advised of the possibility of such damages.

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